Make It Happen is an Experiential Travel Company that specialises in curating unique heritage trails and cultural experiences, connecting travelers and explorers to local communities by facilitating in-person or digital interactions, sharing talents, skills & ideas and having them experience a distinct yet familiar way of life.

We see travel as a powerful tool that enables people to experience and learn about diverse cultures with great sensitivity and thereby nurturing intercultural harmony.

Travelling with us gives one the opportunity to see various cultures in an intimate way by partaking in their traditions and festivals, savouring the regional flavours through their native cuisine and getting a fresh perspective of their history, lifestyle and socio-cultural heritage.


Maria Victor

Founder, CEO

A true gypsy spirit at heart, Maria has always equated travel experiences to life lessons. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

Her travels across India enabled her to explore various cultures, rustic lifestyles, exhilarating regional festivals and awe-inspiring, meditative landscapes. These enlightening experiences is all she needed to take the plunge. With a child-like curiosity and wonder towards people, places, cultures and lifestyles, she chose to quit her lucrative corporate career to finally follow her passion by founding Make It Happen in 2011.

Through Make It Happen she aims to change the face of travel not only for travellers but also for the communities involved. She sees tourism as a platform to showcase and nurture local talent. By bringing ‘People Experiences’ which are not typically explored, she strives to challenge cultural biases and invest in intercultural exchange and understanding to bring out the very essence of India’s diversity.

Murali Shankaran

Director of Experiences

Murali originally started his career in the booming gaming industry, but his heart lay in the enigma of travel. This relentless zeal to explore had him wanderlusting through the terrains of Ladakh and Lahaul Spiti to the Western Ghats of Southern India. Motor biking, backpacking, trekking in the Himalayas and connecting with diverse communities became his lifestyle choice before taking the leap to join Make It Happen in 2017.

Anthony Gaskell

Director of Buzz

Anthony Gaskell, a UK national, fell in love with Goa and moved here in 2013. He has been actively involved in preserving the Goan heritage ever since. He is a member of the Executive Committee of Goa Heritage Action Group and a member of the CII Goa Tourism Panel. Part of the core team at Make It Happen, he has been a driving force in introducing our heritage trails in Goa and finds immense joy in mentoring our experience hosts.

Lata Rodrigues

Chief Experience Host

A travel enthusiast with a heart full of adventure and warmth that swoons our guests every time and make them feel at home. She’s been an integral part of Make It Happen family since 2017. A veteran from the hospitality industry, she always has an interesting story to tell, whether it’s historical or an age-old traditional snippet. Lata was the Principal of the culinary institute at Cidade De Goa and also hosts culinary experiences with Make It Happen.

Deepak Tanagekar

Operations Ninja

Deepak is our lead experience host for the heritage trails set in the picturesque Divar island. 
A former Dental Technician, he's an avid traveler, adventurer and a dance aficionado. Within the team, he popularly known as ‘Mr. Dependable’ for his quick-thinking and problem-solving skills. It was his love for socialization and his deep-rooted Goan lineage that brought him to Make It Happen. He has been instrumental in keeping the Make It Happen engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Amreen Shaikh

Research Wizard

Nothing fascinates Amreen more than unraveling history, be it local or global. And being a voracious reader, research comes naturally to her. Currently, pursuing her Masters in History, she is stacked with knowledge on Portuguese and Pre - Portuguese history of Goa. She brings in her youthful enthusiasm and passion in storytelling which is an integral part of our philosophy.

Ameez Baig

Experience Designer

If there is a quirk element in any of our experiences, you can credit Ameez for that. He is a powerhouse of energy, spontaneity and mirth. With a degree in BBA (Travel & Tourism) and having led a nomadic life himself, Ameez yearns to discover and share enthralling travel experiences with the world. Exploration is Ameez’s second nature and this helps him curate some of the best trails for Make It Happen. Also, while on a trail with him, make sure he doesn’t see you polluting the environment or else you definitely in for an earful!

Prachiti Salkar

Social Media Dynamo

Bubbly, always with a smile Prachiti ensures that all our posts are up on our feeds across our digital platforms. An MBA by background, she brings in her experience and love for the social space to keep it fresh. She’s always supportive of all our endeavours and shares our enthusiasm and commitment to create a sustainable space and spread the love for green, slow travel. So the next time you see our post up on our wall, you know that Prachiti is doing what she loves best.

Dhananjay Sohani

Sales Wrangler

With his exuberant personality, there is no doubt Dhananjay is a people person. Driven by a fierce thirst for discovering the lesser known facets of a place and its people, he aims to take experiential travel as a concept to the next level. He has dabbled in marketing since 1997. From laboratory resources to insurance and stocks, he has mastered the art of selling, be it a product, a service or an idea! His love for Goa is what brought him to Make It Happen and aims to transform the typical Goan narrative of sun, sand and beer into a riveting & wholesome experience.