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Argentine Tango Social


Travel Socials were set in motion in Goa by Make It Happen through the introduction of Angentine Tango Dance social experience, on the 11th of December 2017 at the Aura Luxury Retreat in Mandrem.


With Argentine Tango, we wanted to showcase the Latin influence in Goa and what better way than to immerse yourself in an art form that is engaging and interactive. The event was ably led by Maxie Miranda, a Goa based internationally renowned guitarist, singer, and dancer who specializes in Tango Argentino, a dance form that gained prominence in the 19th century.


Focus of the event was to get all guests to participate by dancing in pairs. Maxie began with a brief introduction about Argentine Tango by explaining it’s origins and demonstrating the basics like movement and posture. As the guests warmed up to some dancing, we were smoothly introduced to sequential moves that we had to practice with our dance partners. The evening only got more and more engaging as Maxie slid minor improvisations and got the whole gathering to dance on the floor.

Our objective in having an evening like this is to have individuals and travelers from different cultures interact and share their perspectives. We are glad to have a successful event as the evening was one to remember while we drove back home after learning a bit of dance and meeting wonderful people.


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