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Distinct Cuisine and Rich Cultural Heritage

Chasing the Monsoon
The perfect monsoon recipe – waterfalls, heritage, food and beaches of Karnataka.

Karnataka is endowed with amazing beaches, distinct cuisine and a rich cultural heritage and natural splendor.As you drive down from Kasaragod in Kerala to Udupi in Karnataka, you can read up on this coastal city’s riveting back story on how it got its name. Udupi is steeped in culture and boasts of lip smacking Udupi foods like idlis, vadas and golibaje and beautiful beaches that you can soak in, in Udupi as Udupi soaks in the rains.

Further up, North of Udupi, stop by at Banavasi. Not a regular on most tourist maps, this little gem of a destination is an atypical spot, casting its spell on you with its ancient architecture and bucolic lifestyle.

Banavasi has something for the historians, architecture buffs, and for those seeking something unique. A monthly pineapple fete is held on the first weekend of every month where a group of women cook up a veritable pineapple storm. Don’t forget to try the local “khanavalis”, or small local cafes that serve hot, delicious food with a dose of warmth, generosity and love.As you bid adieu to Banavasi, it’s time to let your jaws drop at the sight of Jog. Jog Falls are the tallest single tiered cascade in India. Get up close, personal and wet and sprayed as you slowly and carefully climb down the 1380 steps to the base of the waterfalls, or get a view from the old British bungalow across the road. Its sight cannot leave you unmoved, as the 4 falls Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani spill the Sharavathi river over the mountainside in a breathtaking spectacle of Mother Nature at work.

As you watch the folk dance Dollukunitha being performed in the night, hear the thud of cymbals, feel your heart pound in tandem, you feel truly blessed as Mother Nature showers you with her benevolence.

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