Chandor Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in the dramatic history of Goa dating back to the pre-Portuguese era over 1000 years old.

Starting Point : San Tiago Chappel, Chandor

Duration : 2 hours


From: 800.00

Prior Registration Requied


Get insights about the history of Goa dating back to the era of empires and dynasties

This tour highlights the kaleidoscope of history to be found in the hinterland of South Goa. Immerse yourself in pre-Portuguese history dating back over 1000 years, when Chandor then known as Chandrapur was a buzzing trade center.

– A guided tour by a friendly local guide
– Immerse yourself in the history of Chandor dating back to Mauriyan empire of the 4th century.
– Visit a heritage house which predates the Portuguese era.
– Stop by the temple ruins along the Kushavati river
– Get insights into the dramatic history that led to the decline of the Kadambas in Goa.


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