Chronicles & Echoes of Divar Island – E:Bike Tour

Catch the ferry across to this quaint Island located opposite Old Goa and get a perspective of its rich historical, social and cultural heritage from ancient temples to holy sites and hidden caves.


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Chronicles & Echoes of Divar Island : E-Bike Tour

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Divar in our Divar Island Tour

Catch a ferry and cross the Mandovi River to Divar Island. Experience a gem of old world charm, paddy fields, ancient temples, pretty churches, hidden caves, small houses and winding roads in our Divar Island Tour. As you enter the island, you’ll find locals sitting with their fishing rods in hope of making a catch in the Mandovi river. The tops of hillocks on the island gives you a lovely view of the river. Divar Island is so blissfully green and tranquil that you’re enticed to slip into a peaceful meditation. All these make for an ideal Goa village tour. Come, take back a slice of life of Goa with you.

Divar is a completely different realm or dimension that exists across the Mandovi River located opposite of Old Goa. Just a few miles from the capital city of Panjim, Divar exhibits stark contrast in lifestyle and one can witness the time slowdown in this quaint river island. Ride the winding roads of Divar as you pass though patches of fields, mangroves, forests, churches, temple sites and some of the most beautiful houses in Goa. Understand rich heritage and traditional occupations like fishing a bread making, partake in traditional games and activities with a twist.

In our Divar Island Tour, you’ll also notice a rainbow of houses. You will drive around the brightly painted houses in reminiscence of the Portuguese times. Divar is the second largest island of the seven islands which are situated in the Mandovi River, the largest being Charao Island. The island is roughly 6km long by 3km wide and it is connected by four ferry services. The island is a perfect choice for cycling in Goa. Though the Konkan railway line actually runs across the island, the trains do not stop! With a modest population of only 5000 residents, its quaint charm will draw you right in, wishing the train would stop!

Hindu pilgrims used to make the journey from distant lands to visit the many temples on the island. This was before the Portuguese converted the population to Christianity in the 16th century. On our guided Divar Island Tour you get to visit some of the interesting places on the island and understand a little more of its historical, social and cultural heritage.


– An immersive narrative of the island by a friendly local tour presenter.
– Visit to a beautiful riverside property for Breakfast / High Tea
– Visit one the finest Baroque churches in Goa.
– Insight into traditional fishing methods that are still practiced.
– Visit some of the ancient temple sites.


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