Nagaland Hornbill Festival.

The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland offers you the perfect chance to explore the beauty of North-East India.
Starting Point : Dhimapur

Duration : 8 days

Type : Festival, celebration.

Ideal Season : 5th – 12th December 2018

Cost : INR 37000 per person


Prior Registration Requied


About this trip:

There are 16 main tribes and many sub-tribes in Nagaland. Each tribe with it”s own tradition and culture. Performing arts is an integral part of that. During the Hornbill festival all the different tribes come together to showcase their culture.

Each tribal community wears their own colorful attire.
The week long festival is named after the hornbill, the bird that features in local tribal folklore. All the tribes unite in enjoying the colourful performances, crafts, sports, food fairs, games and religious ceremonies.

Traditional arts include paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures. Festival highlights include the traditional Naga ”Morungs” Exhibition, sale of arts and crafts, food stalls, herbal medicine stalls, flower shows, singing, dancing, fashion and beauty shows, and indigenous games such as archery and Naga wrestling.


5th Dec- Arrive at Guwahati. Travel to Kaziranga National Park
Stay at : Nature Hunt Eco Resort
Travel Route: Travel towards Kaziranga ( 5 hours)
Activities planned for the day:
Your car will pick you up at the Guwahati Airport.
Stop at a Dhaba along the way to try out some traditional Assamese food [tried and tested place]
Check in to your resort at Kaziranga.
Meet the manager of the resort to fix up the jungle activities you want for the next days.
Please note that this resort is a fairly rustic resort. It is, however, clean and has western bathroom
with hot water. There is an alternative – A luxury hotel with most modern facilities which will have
additional costs.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch, dinner, snacks and tea.
 We have recommended NE 7 Sisters dhaba for lunch. It is really good! An approximate thali cost
 for a vegetarian is Rs. 300 and for a non-vegetarian is about Rs. 500.
 The drive to Kaziranga will take about 6 hours depending on the traffic and when it gets dark.
 Assam is also likely to be quite cold in the evenings, so please carry appropriate warm clothes.
 Meet the hotel manager and discuss all the jungle activity options that have been organised for
 you.
6th Dec – Explore Kaziranga National Park
Stay at: Nature Hunt Eco Resort
Activities planned for the day:
Early morning Elephant Safari followed by breakfast at the hotel.
Lunch at the hotel.
Afternoon/ Evening Jeep safari. Traditional Assamese Dinner at resort
Additional costs for you: Lunch, dinner, snacks and tea., Safaris at Kaziranga
 The drive to the elephant safari in the morning can be extremely chilly – so we recommend that
 addition to your regular warm clothes, you carry a scarf and head cover.
 The elephant safari is run by the Government and there is no guarantee that you will get a seat –
 is completely at their discretion – however we have not yet had a situation where any of our
 guests have not managed a seat. We suggest you book your activities for your stay as soon as
 you reach Kaziranga and meet the Manager.
7th Dec– Drive to Kohima
Stay at: Imchen Guest House, Kohima, Nagaland
Travel Route:
Travel towards Kohima which will approximately take 7 hours.
Activities planned for the day:
Head out to Kohima after an early breakfast.
Check in to your guest house.
There is no other plan for the day as you’ll be tired after the long journey.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch, dinner, snacks and tea.
1. Kohima is likely to be quite cold in the evenings, so please carry appropriate warm clothes.
2. The journey will be quite hilly and the roads bumpy. However, the scenery is spectacular so stop
often as you like to take shots or have a tea break.
8th Dec – Attend Hornbill Festival at Kisama
Stay at: Imchen Guest House, Kohima, Nagaland
Activities planned for the day:
Head to Kisama Village which is where the Hornbill Festival takes place. Spend the day here.
Experience the dances, drink and food of each of the tribes in different tribal huts and shop at the
different stalls located in the village.
Head back to guest house.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch and dinner, incidentals. Entry fees for Kisama,
1. Do carry warm clothes as it gets quite cold in the evenings.
9th Dec– Day Tour around Kohima Town
Stay at: Imchen Guest House, Kohima Nagaland
Activities planned for the day:
Start the day with breakfast at the guest house and visit the World War II Commonwealth Cemetery.
Have lunch at a café in town followed by a visit to the local market. (For the more adventurous, we
take you to see the exotic food that the Nagas are famous for.)
Post lunch, visit to the Kohima Cathedral or the State Museum.
Have a leisurely stroll at the Night Bazar for a festive experience.
Head back to the guest house.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch, dinner, incidentals, snacks and tea
1. You may do a reasonable amount of walking today, so please wear comfortable shoes.
10th Dec : Closing ceremony at the Hornbill Festival, Kisama
Stay at: Kohima, Nagaland
Activities planned for the day:
Breakfast at the guest house.
Head to Hornbill Festival at Kisama Village and enjoy the different activities and tribal culture of
Lunch at the village.
Evening attend the closing ceremony
Return to guest house in the evening.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch and dinner, incidentals.
11th Dec – Explore Khonoma Village
Activities planned for the day:
Head on the one hour drive to Khonoma village after breakfast.
Today you will learn about some of the history of the Angami tribe Nagas and their battles with other
tribes and the English.Check in to your Village inn and after lunch head out for a walk to explore the
In the evening you can go for a walk to the Paddy fields. But be careful as the path is narrow and the
steps uneven.
Overnight stay at Dovipie Inn at the village.
Khonoma is an Angami tribe warrior village that is known for its battles with the English and for its
leading role in the Naga freedom struggle. Khonoma village is almost completely and has beautiful
terraced fields on one side and an Alder wood forest on the other.
Additional costs for you:
Lunch, Incidentals etc.
12th Dec– Check out and head back to Dimapur Airport
Activities planned for the day:
Have early breakfast at the village and head back to Dimapur Airport via Kohima.
1. Do keep in mind your flight departure time and time your departure accordingly.
2. Have a safe flight back!


 Transport as per the program
 Resort in Kaziranga (Triple Sharing with Extra Mattress)
 and Guest House in Kohima (Twin Sharing and single room)
 and Inn at Khonoma, (Triple Sharing with Extra Mattress)
 Meal Plans : breakfast at all places
 Guides on Day 5 and Day 7.
 Jungle Safaris at Kaziranga is not included in the Plan.
Registraion fee: INR 10000 ( Non Refundable) * will be refunded only on cancellation.
Min number of people required: 10


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