Panjim E-Bike Tour by Make It Happen


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Experience the city of Panjim in the Panjim E-Bike Tour by Make It Happen

The Panjim E-Bike showcases the multicultural side of Panim that is preserved to this date. It showcases the diverse lifestyle of people of Panjim that gives the city a unique character. We begin at the what was the main entrance to the Panjim during the Portuguese times and take you up the hill which is currently a hub for government offices, art gallery centers and grand residences, what was back in the day a thick forest. We then descend to some of the oldest parts of Panjim where the culture and heritage of the place is preserved till today, a place where the intellectuals and artists live and the working population of Panjim once lived. Brace yourself for a roller coaster full of fascinating facts, anecdotes and surprises. Witness the hub of heritage, art, architecture and music.

Duration: 2-3 Hours