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Fontainhas Sketch Walk

Sketching activity in Panjim hit a new high on 1st December 2017 as the Urban Sketchers, a dedicated sketching group from Pune walked around Fontainhas Heritage area and spent hours making spectacular sketches of all things heritage. The Sketch walk event organized by Make It Happen, an organization that curates immersive travel experiences by engaging with local communities.

After successfully introducing a sketch crawl event in Bangalore, Make It Happen was delighted to connect with the Urban Sketchers, who were looking for a tailor designed experience around sketching in Goa.

Sketching can be an eye opener as you notice the architectural designs and minute details of the buildings which we’ve seen almost all our life. Each person has their own perspective about the same element and these elements can be made memorable by sketching. Photography helps us capture moments but sketching gets us connected to the places.

The rich aesthetics amazed all the participants and the details made in all the sketches etched a whole new essence about Goa in their memories. Amongst all the hustle in the world today, there are a very few people who still want to keep their hobbies and passions alive and we got a whole bunch of them.

Here is what Sanjeev Joshi, founder of Urban Sketchers group had to say during the event, “The basic manifesto of Urban Sketchers is that you to draw at the location to get the feel of the place while you sketch. The atmosphere, the people, the smell and this being the older part of Goa I can smell fish in the houses, cakes in the bakery, all that will go in my memory as a sketch”

Another participant shared his experience at a renowned Goan musician’s house, “We went to his house, and he sang for us, I sketched him, he is a fantastic guy and he talked about Goan culture and heritage. You require time to absorb the space, and interact with people. I really liked the way the event is organized”.


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