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Must-try food in Karnataka

Having a bad day? Is your mood off? There is something that can definitely cheer you up! Any guesses to what it would be? Its Food! Indian cuisine is loved by almost everybody all over the world. And talking about Indian cuisine, how could anybody not get excited on hearing “Dosa” and “Idli”!

Among the south Indian cuisine, the food of Karnataka is very diverse. This cuisine is a treat for all vegetarians as Karnataka has higher percentage of vegetarians than other south Indian states. Hold on, not a disappointment for the non-vegetarians. The seafood in the coastal region has the most lip-smacking spices and flavors. As karnataka’s cultural history takes us back through centuries, Karnataka;s food too has a rich and amazing history. Lets go back to learn more about the origin of the most loved and enjoyed dishes of Karnataka.

Neer dosa

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Neer dosa literally means water dosa and is true to its name as its ingrediants are only rice flour and salt. Neer dosa is a crepe and is popular for its easy preparation. This is enjoyed all over Karnataka but loved a lot in the region of Udupi. Neer Dosa tastes best with a spicy curry.

Where to find : Vasudev Adigas, Mangalore Pearl, Mtr are among the best places for a neer dosa in Bangalore.




Kane Rava fry

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Kane rava fry is a dish of fish marinated with spices and covered with semolina (rava ). Kane rava fry is most loved in the coastal region, originating in mangalore. The burst of flavors and spices is a delight and a must try for all sea food lovers.

Where to find : The ocea restaurant, malgudi, hotel regency park.



Bisi bele bath

Bisibelebath image source :


Bisi bele bath literally means hot lentil rice. It is a traditional dish and has a elaborate preparation with the use of spices, vegetables and lentils. This dish is also another gift of the Udupi cuisine but can be found all over Karnataka. It tastes the best when served hot with papad, boondi  or chips.





Kundapura Koli saaru

Kundapura Koli Saaru image source :


Originating from the coastal region, Kundapura chicken curry is packed with spices. It is a rich chicken dish with an abundance of flavors and a must try for all meat as well as spice lovers.

Where to find : Kundapura Express, Natti manae.






Chiroti Image source :


Chiroti is a sweet famous from Karnataka and is a treat to the taste buds with its simple yet mouthwatering flavor. It’s a simple dish to prepare and is most enjoyed during festivals.

Where to find : Halli thindi, Matru sagar.





Ragi Mudde

Ragi mudde image source :

Ragi mudde is a traditional dish of Karnataka, most popular in the rural region. A healthy dish made with  only two ingredients – ragi flour and water. Ragi mudde – bassaru is a popular combination. Bassaru is made from decanted water. There are variations in Bassaru and each one has it’s own unique taste along with ragi mudde. It is almost a daily food of the farming community. Deve Gowda, former Prime Minister of India popularised Ragi mudde by having it prepared and shipped from Karnataka to Delhi.

Where to find : Kritunga Restaurant, Ragi Mudde Mess.




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