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The Gorgeous Chandratal Lake

The Gorgeous Chandrataal Lake : Memories from our Himachal Road Trip Aug 2015

It takes a spirit of adventure and a brave heart to drive though some of the deadliest roads to reach this most serene and gorgeous turquoise lake. After a bumpy ride of 70 km from Gemur through steams, mountain carved pathways and pebble roads we reached our campsite which is 3 kms from the lake. The last 12 km drive was literally driving on the stones, on a narrow path and through small streams of water that could have swept us with them, if they so desired.

Gorgeous Chandradaal Lake
Parikrama around Chandradaal Lake
We reached Parasol Camp by evening exhausted at the same time delighted that we survived the deadly drive. The winds were getting chilly and in spite of the warm hospitality of our host Bishan ji, who entertained us with stories from the mountains and cooked us a homely dinner, the weather was getting the better of us and we were eager to get into our tents and get warn inside the thick blankets.
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