Our Goa Walking tours and Heritage experiences give you insider access to extraordinary people. They share their culture thus taking you to exclusive places, to experience a ‘different way of life’

Goa Heritage Trails

We give you a blend of vintage Goa while portraying its rich heritage, social and cultural aspects. Visit the architectural works like old villas and building in the Portuguese quarters. Enjoy the Latin music performed by a renowned artist during the Fontainhas Walking Tour. Capture the essence of Goa through the holy sites, hidden caves in Divar Island and try our local cuisine. Take a walk though Saligao village. Witness the creative style of some of the renowned artists of Goa. Walk through Chandor to immerse yourself in the pre-Portuguese history dating back over 1000 years.

Heritage walks in Goa and Walking tours in Goa by Make It Happen are a result of the unique collaborative approach that connects travellers with local communities and experiences.

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Showing 1–12 of 32 results