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Sketch your imprint of Bengaluru City!

[trx_column_item align=”left”] A sketch crawl at the buzzing bylanes of MG Road, eternalizing the architectural beauty.

Starting Point: MG Road metro station.

Date: 25th March

Timing: 8 am – 11 am

Type: Art, Architecture, Slow Travel

Cost : INR 500 per person.

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Sketch crawl at the buzzing bylanes of MG Road

MG Road, earlier been addressed as South Parade has a history dating even before the pre-independence era, this part of Bengaluru was once a plain hilly terrain and now a busiest crowd catcher. And the bylanes of this place, has a lot of historical buildings and places, still perpetuating its architectural beauty.

Let’s pause for a while amidst the buzzing bylanes of MG Road and sketch the finer imprint of its Colonial past to its contemporary structures, guided by Nicholas a prodigious architectural traveler, who has documented many buildings of architectural importance across the world.

Sketching is an awesome method to undertake to experience the feel of slow travel. It allows you to form a stronger connection to the place you’re visiting, and you’ll feel much less rushed. With a “slow” itinerary, you won’t experience the stress of attempting to knock out every site in your guidebook.

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Sketching the architecturally beautified structures around the streets of MG road and become adept in the wonderful art of Sketching which is often been observed as method of recording or working out ideas.

We begin from the MG Road metro station adjacent to a historical structure “HIGGIN BOTHAMS” perhaps the oldest bookstore in the city aging more than a century, further covering various structures which still beholds the beauty from the past even after being contemporarised.

Ending at the marvelous St. Marks cathedral at the west end of MG Road. This cathedral was built in “English Baroque” style of architecture which presents the clarity of design and subtle taste for classicism is one of the oldest architectural monuments dating back to the 18th century.

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Cost: INR 500 per person. ( group of 10- 15)

Cost Includes:
– Tour presenter
– Sketching material

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